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A GPS for Your Innovation Journey 

Spark is a design thinking and brand strategy agency that helps organizations innovate, grow, and avoid disruption.

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Design Thinking & Innovation Experts

Spark Consulting Group is a human-centered design agency that serves as a catalyst for organizations seeking to better understand themselves and their customers. Spark helps clients design effective brand experiences. Using goal-based design to help you better understand and meet evolving customer expectations. At the intersection of modern product management, customer centricity, and agile delivery, Spark helps companies succeed in the age of experience.

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Avoid Disruption

Seven out of ten products fail to meet customer expectations and most organizations are struggling to deliver expected value to their customers. Spark helps you bridge the gap between customer need and the value your product or service delivers.


  • Identify key customer insights

  • Understand and meet customer expectations

  • Create winning product strategies

  • Grow and expand your market

  • Accelerate innovation

Learn From

Industry Experts

Our hard-earned expertise is based on an average of 25 years of experience, per team member in product management, human-centered design, brand strategy, and research.

All of our education and training sessions can be customized to meet the context of your business and the needs of your customers.

  • Design Thinking

  • Team Dynamics and Group Communication

  • Brand Strategy & Innovation

  • Service Design & Omnichannel Experiences

  • Continuous Discovery

Coaching &

Professional Services

We have delivered successful, mission-critical projects and innovative results in startups, non-profits, and global enterprises.

Need help planning, launching, or delivering your next project? Overwhelmed by the messy front end?  We can help drive clarity and execute on key initiatives.

We can partner to help:

  • Build and Cultivate High-Performing Teams

  • Uncover Customer Insights

  • Consult on Organizational Design

  • Conduct Usability Research

  • Perform Heuristics & Expert Analysis

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