Regenerative Business Transformation
Get stuff done. Build happy teams.


Let’s spark something great. Together.

Regenerative Business Transformation

Spark Consulting Group designs for people––both our clients and their customers. Helping organizations de-risk their future with a humanity-centered, regenerative approach to creating and capturing value. 


Spark helps organizations meet customer expectations; design effective brand experiences; utilize sensemaking and wayfinding to expand their markets; and nurture great team dynamics.


We work at the intersection of human-centered design, continuous discovery, wayfinding, and sensemaking to bring you the best hard-earned expertise from across industries and fields. Our clients say we’re pretty fun to work with, too.


Many people come to us dealing with shrinking margins, dwindling market share, and wonky organizational behavior. We help them figure out the problem, understand their audience, and discover great solutions that lead to innovation and growth. We work with our clients to understand intent, then methods. For the process-oriented, or tool-curious, we deploy an array of innovation, design, and brand strategy approaches. 

Our services range from leadership and team coaching to professional services designed to help your organization improve your odds -- through creativity and rigor to create something that's wonderful and new.

Transformation is never easy. Frankly, it can be downright scary, but it's worth it. Let's schedule a time to talk.

World-Class Insights, Without the Partner Firm Prices.

Based in Iowa City, Iowa, we’re a scrappy team with a Midwestern work ethic and 25 years of experience with some of the world’s leading brands. We're headquartered in the heart of the Big Ten, but with out the Big 4 consulting firm costs. 


Clients and collaborators have said we’re “fun to work with”; “able to see the forest AND the individual trees”; and that we “bring a perspective to the team that was something no one had considered.” We love working together with our clients to understand their needs and craft a unique-to-them set of solutions to help them transform their organizations.


Here’s a little about how we can help you:

Do your thing. Better.

No matter your industry, long-term success means staying creative, navigating complex systems, and being ready to pivot when times get tough. Spark can help you do what you do better, crafting tailored-to-you insights that help you and your team approach your work in new ways.


Understand customer expectations––and exceed them.

You have your goals. Your customers have theirs. How do you make sure you’re all aligned? With proven market and user experience research practices, Spark can help you understand what your audience is looking for and discover new and meaningful ways to articulate your value.


Accelerate (the right) innovation.

It’s not about innovation for innovation’s sake. It’s about fostering great team dynamics and smart design that will help you reduce risk and build a sustainable and transformative innovation practice in your organization.


Spark’s Services

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with each client to help them find the right solution. This means every Spark project is a little different. That being said, our work does fall into three main areas:


  • Coaching & Consultation

  • Education & Training

  • Professional Services


Check out our Services page to learn more about Spark’s specific offerings. They run the gamut from brand building, to ecosystem mapping, to human-centered design, to usability research, and more.