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Damien Newman’s “Design Squiggle” shows how the design process, though a little messy, leads to great insights––and the right results.


Every Spark project looks different. But one thing is always the same: Spark helps its clients get out of the “squiggle,” and into a place where they’re keeping their people happy and getting the right stuff done.


Coaching and Consultation


Struggling with shrinking market share or wonky behavior? Looking to make sense of customer expectations? Want to understand how to apply human-centered design to your organization? Does your team need help managing dynamics and coordinating action? Whether you need advice on jumpstarting your next experience or innovation initiative, tips for building your brand, strategies for maximizing team performance, or ready to explore what it takes to fully embrace business transformation, Spark can help.

  • Leadership coaching and consultation

  • Team coaching, consultation, and accountability

Education and Training


Spark training can help you better understand your customers; foster great team dynamics; apply sensemaking and wayfinding to your organization; and address complex challenges in new and innovative ways. Spark customizes each training session to meet our clients’ needs. This means we adapt all specifics to the realities of your industry and business model. From one-hour "lunch and learns" to multi-day workshops, our sessions are focused on helping you establish accurate targets and align for optimal outcomes.


Topics include:

  • Customer Discovery & Innovation

  • Journey, Ecosystem, & Empathy Mapping

  • Sensemaking & Wayfinding

  • Service Blueprints & Target Operating Models

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Customer Centricity

  • Human-Centered Design 

  • Team & Organizational Dynamics

Professional Services


We work collaboratively with our clients to find solutions to their trickiest challenges and meet their loftiest strategic goals. From startups to nonprofits to global enterprises, our clients have said our unique approach at the intersection of modern design, innovation, and user research helps them get transformative results.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • Customer Experience Strategy

  • Brand Building & Brand Experience

  • Usability Research 

  • Sensemaking & Wayfinding

  • Omnichannel Design

  • Experience Audits & Maturity Assessment

  • Sprint Facilitation

  • Design Thinking

  • Team & Organizational Design

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