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Celebrating 75 Episodes

As of today, I’ve produced 75 episodes of The Iowa Idea Podcast. The latest episode will be published soon. I consider myself incredibly lucky and tremendously grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with so many talented people.

The intent of the podcast is to celebrate the original Iowa Idea and see its extension in the 21st century, as demonstrated by modern day creatives and craftspeople. Originally conceived in the 1920s at The University of Iowa, faculty began to explore creativity and collaboration, in a new and innovative way. I believe that the tenets of the original idea are even more important now, as we confront a greater complexities and challenges as the human race. We’re facing a global pandemic, increasing economic disparity, and social unrest that demands and deserves social justice. In some ways the 2020s are reading a lot like the 1920s. I’ve been inspired by how each guest provides insights, based on their experience, on how we might be our best selves and how we might improve our communities.

The interviews serve as explorations focused of our guests’ journeys and their approach. The conversations contain perspectives from a vast array of disciplines and experiences. These awesome humans continue to hone their craft in the worlds of music, visual art, education, design, journalism, entrepreneurship, innovation, design ethics, behavioral science, comedy, writing, improv, healing, leadership, bonsai, brewing, microbiology, taxonomy, restaurant management, fashion activism, diversity, equity, and inclusion, cognitive bias, community collaboration, sensemaking, podcasting, filmmaking, magic, writing, exploring, poker, and decision making.

Theres so much wisdom from each guest, and they’ve presented it with a fantastic mix of humility, humor, and heart. I hope that I’m able to provide at least a glimpse of that in each episode. It’s been an honor talking with each and every guest.

I am looking forward to producing more episodes of the podcast with Iowa natives, transplants, and friends who represent a modern version of the Iowa Idea. I hope that each show provides the listener with just a bit of positivity and insight to make your day a little bit better and more interesting.

Thanks to all of the listeners and supporters who have helped the podcast reach this episode.




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