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Improv & Innovation: The Power of Yes

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

While working on a change management and communication project for a client, we were discussing ways to build trust. I had discussed an improv approach and how improv can help transform culture and be increase innovation. Improv is one Spark's corporate values. In world that wants innovation and requires adaptability to survive, we believe in two essential tenants of improv to drive success in organizations:

  • Yes, and...

  • Declare and commit

The logo for The Second City Theatre, an improv troupe. The power of an improv approach can generate more innovation than cultures that lead with "no."
The Second City launched nearly 60 years ago in Chicago. The theatre company has become synonymous with improv.

Yes, and...

One of the basic tenants of improv is to say yes to an idea first, rather than no. Instead of playing whack-a-mole when it comes to creativity, try saying yes and building on an idea. It may seem simple, but it can have transformative effects when it comes to innovation, trust-building, and team-building.

Declare and Commit

Another basic tenant is making a declaration. It sets the foundation for the objective, requires clarity, and should be concise. Once a declaration is made, the ensemble must commit to, or support, its success.


Here are a few improv resources:

Let Spark Help You

If you're struggling with team effectiveness or feeling like you're in an innovation rut, contact Spark Consulting Group at Say "yes, and..." We can commit to building something great together, and have fun along the way.


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